This article will guide you on how to download a case report for your internal records. This report includes an overview of the case details such as case name, reference, requestor, AML profile details, individual/entity information etc. 

Note: This report does not contain the underlying documentation collected. If you want to download case documents, see: How to download case documents.


Step 1: Get Started 

Login to the First AML Platform, then navigate to the relevant case you want to download the report for.

Step 2: Print Icon

Once you have located the case, click the print icon at the top right.  

Step 3: Save and download

1. A new window will open showing the case report. 

2. Set destination as "Save as PDF".

3. Select "Save" 

4. Name your document and select "Save" again

The case report should now be downloaded and saved as a PDF to your device.