This feature is commonly used by users who share work on certain cases. 

For example, if you as an agent would like your PA to also be assigned to your cases to be able to process or manage the information through a separate account. Anyone who is assigned to a case will be able to view it on their homepage. 

Please note that to assign other users, you have to be either a Team Admin, Office Admin or Platform Admin. 

(If you are an Agent you will not have access to this feature.)

Detailed Description 

This feature is especially helpful if you as a Real Estate Agent or Solicitor meets clients regularly and you have someone in the office managing the platform for you. The office admin can create a draft case on your behalf, and assign you to the case. This means that when you are out meeting a client, you can click into the draft case created, and verify your clients instantly, saving valuable time.  


Video Demonstration

Follow the below steps to add another team member: 

Step 1: 

From the home screen, click on the case you wish to add a team member. 

Step 2: 

Once you are in the case, click on "Assign" at the top right corner, and select one of the options from the drop down menu.