First AML customers can monitor the progress of their cases within the First AML Platform to understand which information has been received and what is outstanding.

  • The ‘Individuals’ tab shows which individuals have completed the identity verification process, and which have not
  • The Task List’ view shows which other information (e.g. Trust Deed) has been received and which information is outstanding
  • The ‘Activity’ tab is a record of the communication we have had with your client. Please note that our follow up timeframe is every 2-3 business days.

Please refer to the First AML platform before contacting First AML to discuss a case.


Video Demonstration

Detailed Description 


The individuals tab lists every individual involved in the case and their verification status.

  • A green tick means the individual has provided their information and has been successfully verified.
  • An orange wheel means this individual’s verification is outstanding.


Mobile (agent) 

Task View 

The task view lists all required information which is not collected through our identity verification form. For example, if a Trust is involved in your case, “Trust Deed” will be listed within the task view.

  • A green tick means that this information has been recieved.
  • A blue arrow means that this information is outstanding.

Please note that simple cases such as individual-only cases may not have any tasks listed.


To view the task list, click on the circular list icon in the top right corner as shown below.

This will prompt open the task list.

Mobile (agent)

To view the task list, click on the circular list icon in the top right corner as shown below.

This will prompt open the task list.

Activity Log

The Activity tab displays the contact made to your customers with the icon representing the activity type (email, phone, or SMS) with:

  • A timestamp,
  • The name of the First AML team member who performed the activity, and
  • Any related notes

Activities are displayed in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top)


Click the “Activity” tab on the right side of the page.

Mobile (agent)

To view the Activity log, first tap on “Individuals” to expand the drop down shown below. Next, tap ‘Activity’.

This will take you to the Activity Log. 

Tracking Completed cases

If one of your cases has disappeared from the 'In Progress' section of your dashboard, this could mean either:

  • Your case has been completed by First AML, and is either pending approval from your compliance team, or it may be in the 'Completed' section of your dashboard, which can be located by filtering to the "Completed" Case status and then clicking 'Apply filters'
  • Your case may be dormant if your client has not provided any information for over 14 business days (in this scenario, your team will be notified).

When all information has been collected by First AML, your internal compliance team will be notified that the case is ready for their approval. 

Once your team have reviewed the information and find it acceptable, they will approve the case. 

Approved cases are located within the 'Completed' section of your dashboard as shown below:


Mobile (agent)