You can easily track the progress of your case in live time via the Platform. For in progress cases, the best way to do so is via our 'Activity' tab. You can also find all the completed cases in the green completed section at the bottom of your dashboard. Steps on how to find these are outlined in this article.


Video Demonstration

Desktop view

Mobile view

Detailed Description - Tracking "In Progress" cases

Our Analyst team will keep a record of all the correspondence they have had with your client. This is recorded in the 'Activity' tab where you can have an overview on what information is outstanding and when the last follow up from our analyst team took place. 

The activity log also shows if the analyst called or emailed your client for the follow up, which is indicated by the tag located on the left of the activity log.

Desktop view

Mobile View

Step 1: Click on the relevant case in your 'In Progress' section

Step 2: The individuals tab will show everyone we have verified and their status. A green tick means they have submitted their ID and passed our electronic verification. An orange wheel means we are still waiting on their information.

Step 3: If you are wanting a more in depth look at where we are at with the case, please click to the 'Activity' tab. 

This can be found in the middle of the page via the downwards arrow on the white box containing the word "Individuals" which will prompt a drop down. Choose the section you would like to go to as shown below:

Toggle between Individuals/Notes/Activity log on the mobile app

Detailed Description - Tracking "Completed" cases

If you realise one of your cases has disappeared from your orange 'In Progress' section of your dashboard, this could mean either:

  • Your case has been completed by First AML, and could either be awaiting review by your compliance team, or it may be in the green 'Completed' section of your dashboard, which can be located by tapping the 'Completed' tab (mobile view), or by scrolling down on your dashboard (desktop).

  • Your case may be dormant if your client has not provided any information for over 2 weeks (in this scenario, your team will receive a notification)

If the case has been completed by First AML, it will be passed through to your compliance team for review. Once they have checked that the information is acceptable, they will approve the case which will move the information to the 'Completed' section of your dashboard as shown below:

Desktop view

Mobile View