Before you can submit a case to First AML, you are required to add a case contact. A case contact is an individual who is the best person for First AML to liaise with for the required information. You may choose to delegate this to the individual you have dealt with the most thus far.  

Note that if there are several individuals involved within a case, you can confirm one case contact who will receive the initial contact from First AML. 


Detailed Description

If you have created a Draft case and see an orange banner saying "A case contact is required before you can submit this case through to First AML", then you must add a case contact. 

This can for example be the individual themselves, a director of a company being verified, a trustee or simply a person acting on behalf of the entity. Follow the below steps to complete this. 

Step 1: Select individual

Click on the three dots on the right hand side of the individual.

Step 2: Check box

Click on "This individual is a case contact", and Save.

Step 3: Submit case

The banner will now be blue, so your case is ready to be submitted to First AML.