The First AML Platform uses seven case status types to represent the stage of each case, being Draft, In Progress, Ready for Review, Completed, Abandoned, Dormant, and On Hold. 

The Platform uses five individual statuses to represent the progress of each individual, being Pass, In-Progress, Fail, Not Needed, Consider. 


Detailed Description 

Case Statuses


If a case is showing as Draft, the case is currently only viewable by the case requester and certain team members in the First AML Dashboard until the case requester is ready for the case to move into "In progress" to be actioned.

(For more information on what is draft and how to create/delete a draft case - Click here)

In Progress

If a case is showing as In Progress, the case has been sent to the First AML team and they are currently conducting customer due diligence for the individual or entity submitted.

Ready for Review

If a case is showing as Ready for Review, the customer due diligence has been completed by the First AML team and the case is waiting to be reviewed and approved by your internal AML Compliance Officer or relevant person.

(Please note that not all users of the First AML Platform have access to cases that are set to Ready for Review; therefore if your case has disappeared from your "In progress" section on your dashboard, it may be moved to "Ready for Review" status)


If a case is showing as Completed, the case has been reviewed and approved by your internal AML Compliance Officer or relevant person.


If a case is showing as Abandoned, the case has been closed.

To abandon a case, please notify the First AML team via the Compliance Team Notes section. If a case is abandoned after a follow-up has been done, there will be an abandoned case fee. The charge for abandoned cases will be the standard case fee.


A case is considered 'dormant' when requested documentation is not received within 14 business days. Dormant cases are treated as 'completed' cases for billing purposes. 

On Hold

If a case is showing as On Hold, the work being conducted on the case has been temporarily put on hold. Moving a case to this is confirmed by our direct client.  

(Please note: If a case has been put ‘On Hold’ for more than 14 days, the case will be moved to ‘Dormant.’)

Individual Statuses

You can check the status of individual cases by logging in to the platform and clicking on the relevant case. This will take you straight to the 'Individuals' tab. You will be able to see a list of the individuals who require verification and their status. 

If their status has 'Pass' it means that First AML has received ID information and it has passed all our checks (ID, Address and PEP). 

In some cases, the client has provided information but it may not be fully complete still if something is outstanding, or the information provided may not be usable. If you need confirmation of what we are waiting on, you can check the activity log where our First AML team will confirm this.

Below example showing that Michael has been verified, but we are still awaiting information from Stephen as he is still in the 'In Progress' status.

(Please note for cases involving entity verifications, having individuals all pass may not mean all verifications are done, as the case may still be missing entity documents.)