If you need to communicate with the AML specialist assigned to a case, the fastest way to do so is via the Notes section on the Platform. If you would like, you can also send the AML specialist an email. 

(If you are looking for an update on a case, or when our AML specialist last contacted your client, please refer to the activity log function. For further information on activity logs Click here)

Please note that not all roles have access to update the notes section once the case is in the "In progress" status' therefore you can also create a ticket in the help centre to the First AML support team for assistance.


Detailed Description

Help Centre Ticket Submission

To submit a ticket in the Help Centre:

  1. Go to Help Centre
  2. Click on "New Support Ticket" located just below the search bar
  3. Fill in the details of your request. (Please note that AML Region is referring to which country your reporting entity is based in)

Notes Section

If you would like to add a note, simply click on the Notes tab and write your note with your initials and date. This will generate a notification for the AML specialist


If you would like to send the AML specialist an email, you are able to find their information in the top right hand corner of the case. Click on the page icon and it will copy their email address.