This article goes through what the case name and references should be, when submitting a First AML verification case.


Detailed description - Case Name

The case name should reflect the entity or individuals being verified. This is shown in the 'New Entity' field below. 

Depending on the type:

For Individuals

If the case you submit to First AML is only individual(s) without an entity such as a trust or company, and you are working for your client in their personal capacity, then the case name should reflect the individuals being verified. For example if it was for two individuals, "Sam Smith and Joanne Smith". 

For Companies/Trusts/Other Entities

Please select the entity type which you are transacting with/representing, then provide the name of this entity type (e.g. ABC Limited)

Detailed description - Case Reference

A case reference can be beneficial for your organisation when trying to keep track of each case. It can also be helpful for the First AML analysts when communicating with the individuals being verified or any solicitors or accountants. 

For example, some individuals are undergoing AML checks for various reporting entities, it is therefore beneficial for the analyst to be able to confirm what the matter is regarding, for example "property on 123 Street". 

It is also helpful being able to find a case at a later date if you know the case reference.