Sanctions are prohibitions and restrictions involving financial activities through financial services. These can be placed on entire countries or against individuals and entities that are deemed to be engaged in breaches of international law, human rights abuses or other forms of crime.

First AML complete Sanctions screening on all individuals verified via the First AML Platform.


Types of Results

When a Sanctions check is run, there are three possible results:


The screening has returned a positive result as the individual appears on one or more of the Sanctions Lists checked.

Possible Match

In some cases it is not clear whether the result returned is negative or positive, these individuals will 

be flagged as a Possible Match along with a brief note in the notes section. The information then 

needs to be reviewed by your Compliance Team to determine the outcome.

No Match

When the screening returns no results the individual will not be flagged and it will show up as 'No Match' in the Platform.

Visibility in the Platform

Individuals Tab

The Sanctions flag will also appear next to the individuals name when you are in the Individuals Tab of a case as shown below:

The orange patterned flag indicates a Possible Match

Review Section

You will see the Sanctions flag and notes when you are checking individual profiles through the Review Section: