The Documents Tab allows you to upload documents related to the case i.e. any documentation you already have on file which may be related such as a copy of the Trust Deed. 

First AML will check the Documents Tab before starting the case. We recommend that you do not add ID documents here as it tends to slow down the verification process. First AML will send a personalised identity verification form to any individuals who need to be verified via email.

Please note that the Documents Tab is not where First AML store documents sourced directly from your client (those will be either under the individual's file or under the entity documents found in the entity structure); the Documents Tab is purely a section for you to upload documents you may already hold for our AML Specialist Team to process.

Detailed Description

Steps to upload a document:

  1. Log into the First AML Platform
  2. Open the case you wish to upload documents to.
  3. Once open, navigate to the "Documents" tab
  4. Click the green "+" to open a window to choose the documents you wish to upload and then click on "Upload Document"