The AML profile is information you can add when you submit a case, so that:

1) you have more information around the case, and 
2) the auditor who might be auditing a case can see the necessary information. 

Detailed Information

You can amend the AML profile at any time by clicking the pencil icon under "AML Profile" in a case. Our analyst team can start work once the case has been submitted if not completed, however it is good for you to have this information stored here for reporting purposes. 

Providing this information can also decrease the turnaround time for closing a case. Furthermore, the information the analyst will collect might be depending on e.g. your risk assessment or the transaction value. 

  • Captured Activity
  • Purpose
  • Nature
  • Risk Assessment
  • CDD Level
  • Transaction Value

You are also able to add a copy of your internal risk assessment for a particular entity under the "Documents" tab.