This tab will show the entity structure based on the shareholding of the entity which is being verified. To see more information such as address, companies extract, trust deed and source of wealth, click on each entity and click through the sub-tags; Profile, Documents, Notes, Source of Wealth.

Detailed Description 

How to locate entity document

Step 1:


When you are in a case, click on "Entity structure", where you can see the full entity structure of the entity being verified. 

Step 2: 

Click on the entity you want to view the documents for. In this case, the entity Large Holding Co Limited. The green colour implies that the entity has been verified. 

Step 3: 

One you are in the company, you have four new tabs; Profile; Documents; Notes; Source of Wealth. Click on documents to view the documents related to this company. Any notes, such as trust deed notes with key information will be in the notes section, and Source of Wealth is a summary of the source of wealth documentation provided.