Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Our search algorithm expects major updates to occur after elections. Our screening tool will follow election news and update the PEP data accordingly as results become available. Monitoring is scheduled daily, with most sources updated within a month.

Sanctions & Watchlists

Sanctions: Our screening tool constantly monitors sanctions alerts and lists to ensure that we do not miss out on a sanctioned entity. The major global sanctions programmes issued by OFAC, HM Treasury, UN, EU, AUSTRAC, MFAT etc. Automated checks are carried out every 15 minutes are these updates are reflected on our database within hours. Customers can also subscribe to a daily ongoing monitoring alert which can send updates if and when there are any changes or new updates.

Watchlist: The range is range between every day to once a month, depending on factors like the importance of the list, country etc.

Adverse Media

If an article is selected by our screening algorithms, it will be visible within the initial or ongoing monitoring profiles after 48 hours of the publishing date.

Data Source Master List

Please reach out to First AML Support to receive the document mentioned above or if you would like to receive a list of current data sources.