This article introduces you to our Entity Screening module and how it works.

Entity screening is conducted on all entities which enter the First AML platform. You can choose to opt out of this configuration (EU) or opt into this configuration (APAC).

Our capability allows for an easy-to-review, report and auditable solution for your entity sanctions and adverse media matches.

Off the back of the initial matches, these entities will be monitored on a daily basis. Nominated individuals within your firm will receive email updates on any changes in the entity’s screening status.

Please read this article for further information.


How the feature works

Where to find the results 

In the Verifications tab, under the Screenings results.

You will be able to see the results of the entity screening immediately in the entity card within the tab or go deeper into the results by clicking on the entity name and navigating to the Verifications tab.

From the Entity Structure tab, click the Entity, it will take you directly to the Profile tab.

Structure tab:

From the Entity, click on the 'Verifications' tab

This will display the Sanctions and Adverse Media results.

Profile tab:

If there are no matches found, it will display ‘No Match’, if there are matches found, it will display ‘Match’. 

You are able to scroll through and click and investigate any of the hits for you to make a risk-based decision for your client onboarding.

Where to record your decision

You are also able to add any exceptions. This can be carried out at the top right of the page.

Here you can add temporary or permanent exceptions.