If you would prefer an alternative to electronic identity verification, please instead provide certified identity and address documents inline with our guidelines. 

This article will outline the standards that need to be met when supplying certified documents for customer due diligence purposes. 

This will include information about what you need to provide, certification wording, who can certify documents, and how to provide your certified documents.

Please use the table of contents to navigate to the country the reporting entity (i.e. law firm/accountancy firm/real estate agency etc.) you are engaging with is based in, and review the approved certifiers & certification wording sections at the bottom of the article. 

To provide manual documentation, please create a ticket and First AML will send you a secure web form for you to upload your documentation. 


Australian IDV Guidelines

New Zealand IDV Guidelines

United Kingdom IDV Guidelines

Approved Certifiers (All regions) 

Please note this is not a comprehensive list of approved certifiers

  1. Lawyer
  2. Chartered Accountant
  3. Justice of the Peace
  4. Notary Public
  5. Or a person who has the legal authority to take statutory declarations or the equivalent in your country

Please note the certifier must not be involved in the transaction or business requiring the certification. 

Certification Wording (All regions) 

“I, [Certifier Name], hereby certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original document which I have sighted, and it represents a true likeness of this individual.”

  1. Date of certification
  2. Signature of Certifier
  3. Profession of Certifier
  4. Registration number if applicable