First AML will electronically verify the person's name and date of birth against reliable and independent sources. First AML will default to manual verification if electronic verification is not possible. 


Who do we verify?

a) Individual(s) with whose name the reporting entity is transacting.

b) Anyone authorised to transact on behalf of the individual (i.e. Power of Attorney). 

What do we verify?

Please refer to the electronic and manual verification sections: 

Acting on Behalf / Agents of Customers

‘Acting on behalf’ or 'Agents of customers' refers to the individual that is authorised to act on behalf of an entity for a specific Simplified Due Diligence transaction. 

First AML will collect the following information as per the AML/CTF Rules 2007 (Part 1.2.1) / Section 19 of the AML/CFT Act / Reg 28(10) MLR 17  for a person acting on behalf of a customer. 

  1. The person’s full legal name(s);

  2. The person’s date of birth; 

  3. The person’s relationship with the customer; and 

  4. Any information as prescribed by regulations.

First AML will obtain reliable and independent evidence to confirm the person’s authority to act on behalf of the customer.