First AML's short identity verification form enables us to verify your Identity Document and address information quickly and securely. 

This article will explain how to complete your Identity Verification Form, using your mobile phone.

Before you begin, you will need your mobile phone and your ID handy, either your Passport or Drivers Licence. 


Video Tutorial

Please note the below video does not have audio.

To complete the form on your desktop: How to Complete The Identity Verification Form - Desktop

To complete the form beginning on your desktop, and continuing on your mobile:
How to Complete The Identity Verification Form - Desktop to Mobile

Step 1: Get Started

  1. Open your email from First AML with the link to your secure ID verification form 
  2. Press "Open the Verification form"
  3. After opening the form, press 'Get started'

  1. Click/Press the tick box to make it green, which means that you consent to First AML electronically verifying the information you provide. 
  2. Click/press the green box: ‘I accept’ 

Step 3: ID: Select Country & Type

  1. Press the white box to select the country your ID is from. 
  2. You can either scroll through the dropdown list to find your country, or you can start typing and select your country
  3. Select either 'Passport' or 'Drivers Licence', depending on which ID you will be using to complete the form

Step 4: Let's Verify Your Identity 

  1. Press 'Next'

Step 5: Submit ID

  1. Press 'Take photo' 

Step 6: Take & Review Photo

We suggest placing your ID on a flat surface in a well-lit area. 

  1. Press the white circle at the bottom of the page to capture a photo of either the front of your Divers Licence (as shown below) or the photo page of your Passport
  2. Press 'Use Photo' if you are happy with the photo, if you need to retake the photo press 'Retake'

1                         2

Step 7: Check Image

  1. If the details of the ID Document are clear and unobstructed, press 'Upload'

-If you need to retake the photo press 'Redo'

Step 7A (Driver Licence Only): Take & Review Photo

If you are completing the form with your Drivers Licence, you will be prompted to take a photo of the back of your Drivers Licence. Turn your licence around to take a photo of the back of your licence. 

  1. Press 'Take photo'
  2. Press the white circle at the bottom of the page
  3. Press 'Use Photo' if the photo is clear, OR click 'Retake' if you need to retake the photo
  4. Press 'Upload' if the photo is clear, OR press 'Redo' if you need to retake the photo 


Step 8: Record Video

  1. Press 'Record video'
  2. Press 'Enable camera'

1                            2

Step 9: Allow Access & Get Ready to Record

  1. Press 'Allow' to allow access to the Microphone and Camera
  2. Position your face within the oval frame
  3. Press the red camera icon to start recording

Step 10: Take Video

  1. Your screen will display three digits, say each digit out loud, then press 'Next step'
  2. Turn your head to the right/left depending on your instruction, then face forward and press 'Finish recording'

1                        2

Step 11: Check Video & Phase Complete 

Here you have the option to replay your video. 

  1. Press 'Upload' if you are happy with the video, OR press 'Redo' if you need to retake the video
  2. If you have pressed 'Upload' in step 1, now press 'Next'

1                        2

Step 12: Enter ID Details 

Please enter the details of your ID. Press the white box for each field to prompt the keypad to open.

1. Driver Licence OR Passport Number

1A. Version Number (NZ Licence only)

2. Expiry Date

Step 13 (Final Step): Enter Personal Details

Please complete the final step by entering your personal details. 

  1. Press the white box for each field to prompt the keypad to open
  2. After you have completed each field, press 'Submit'

Form Complete: Thank you! 

Once you have successfully submitted your form you will be shown the following confirmation: