First AML Lite helps you meet AML obligations while delivering exceptional customer experience through a quick and easy verification process.

In real time, our AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government issued ID is genuine and authentic, as verified against reliable and independent electronic databases.

This article will give you an overview of what the work flow looks like, including a step by step guide with demo videos on how this feature works.


Automated follow ups and work flow


New Zealand

Demo videos

The following demo videos take you through the full process of creating and completing a lite case according to your region.


New Zealand

Step by step case submission guide

Step 1: Click on "+ Create new case"


Step 2: Click on "Lite case" 

Step 3: Complete the transaction details

Step 4: Click "Create Case"

Once you have entered the transaction details, you will land on a Draft case.

  1. You can now add the individual, edit contact details before submitting your case. 
  2. Please note that you will need to add an individual before you can submit the case

Step 5: Click on the "+ Add individual"

After clicking on the "+ Add individual" button, you will then need to fill in the Individual's details:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Then click "Save"

Step 6: Submit the case

Once you have entered the relevant information, please submit the case to First AML.

Select the 'Submit case' button, this will update the case to In Progress. 

Step 7: Wait for the results notification to come through

There could be four types of results:

  1. Pass - Individual had passed the verification checks sucessfully
  2. Consider - Results indicate some verification checks should be considered
  3. Fail - Results indicate some verification checks have failed
  4. Dormant - Client has not responded within timeframe

Step 8 (Optional): Escalate the case into a standard case

You can escalate a lite case to First AML for further investigation if it has completed with an individual that has a consider or failed result.

Escalating the case to us for rework means we can retrieve your client’s information and in most cases, they won’t need to re-supply information via a new case.

For further details on the process of escalating a Lite case. Click here - Lite case escalation

For further details on the process of completing the verification form sent through to your clients. Click here - How do I complete the verification form?