First AML's short identity verification form enables us to collect your identity documents, such as a current passport or driver licence and address information, and verify your information in a fast and secure way.

Your ID and address is verified against the relevant government databases to ensure the document and information is valid and current.

We also require a photo of yourself holding up your ID so we can confirm the biometrics, and that the ID is in your possession. 

If you are unable to complete the online verification form you can send First AML certified ID documents. Please visit here for certification guidelines. 

Step 1
Open the email from First AML with the link to our secure ID verification form and click "Open the Verification form".

Please open the link in Google Chrome or Safari for best results. 

  • If you are using a desktop and Google Chrome or Safari is not your default browser, you can right click on the link, and select "copy link address". Open Google Chrome or Safari and paste the link in the address bar.

  • If you are using a smartphone and Google Chrome or Safari is not your default browser, you can click on "copy link", and paste it into Safari or Chrome.  


Step 2
Complete your identity verification

Make sure you have your New Zealand/Australian passport or driver's licence. 

Click on the green button "Get started"

Step 3 
Identification type

  1. Select the country your ID is from. Note that if your country is not listed, it means we are unable to electronically verify your information. If this is the case, please contact First AML on the email address provided in the email. 

  2. Select the type of ID you will be using (passport or driver licence).

Step 4 
Add driver licence or passport

  1. Ensure that your camera access is on for the browser. 
  2. Position your ID within the frame, ensure that you are close enough for all details to be visible to First AML. 
  3. Click on "Take photo".


Step 5
Allow access to camera

A message will pop up asking for permission to use you camera. Click on "Allow".

If you are experiencing any difficulties at this stage, please see potential errors here.

Step 6 
Enter your ID information

  1. Enter the document information (e.g. passport number, driver's licence number and version number (please find a guide at the back of the licence). 

  2. Click on "Confirm" to complete the step.

Step 8 
Back of ID (if using licence)

On most ID's, the expiry date will be captured on the back of the licence. Please take a photo of the back of your licence, and enter the expiry date in the field.

Step 9 
Self portrait holding your ID (selfie)

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding your ID next to your face. 

  2. Make sure that the photo is clear.

  3. Either take a "selfie", or ask someone to take a photo of you.

  4. Click on "Take photo"

Step 10
Taking the biometric photo

  1. Take the photo.

  2. Click on "Confirm" once you are happy with the photo. If the photo is blurry, or your eyes are closed, you can click on "Re-take".

Step 11
Personal Information

  1. Enter your personal details 

  2. Click on "Next"

Step 12
Current address 

  1. Enter your residential address. 

  2. Click on "Next"

Step 13
Review your information and confirm your consent

  1. Confirm that all information is correct

  2. Click on the tick-box to make it green, which means you consent to First AML verifying the information you have provided.

  3. Click on "Submit"

Step 14
Thanks, you are all done! 
Your Analyst will contact you directly if we require any further information.